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The fundamental sciences represent the core of our existance. They are all around us. They teach us about the world, or worl-ds, that we are a big part of. These sciences are consisted of laws and rules that were gathered over the long period of time by the scientists in various fields. Until now, they were taught in schools as individual subjects. However, this approach no longer produces satisfactory results. A new inter-disciplinary teaching method is needed, and VR plays a huge role in it. Read on to find out what it is.
For so long, and some education history books say more than a hundred years, the educational systems had been developed to accomodate the labor requirements of the time. And, it had been used ever since, with some minor adjustments in the last few decades, and even some more with the application of the new web-based teaching platforms. But today, it does not produce the results that the current labor market requires. And, will continue to fail in the future, unless we do something quickly to change it. We need new approach, new teaching methodologies and practices. Which ones? Read on.
The Internet is one of the greatest things that ever happend to mankind. It offers so mu-ch opportunities and has a great potential. However, as the network grows and the te-chnologies advance, so is a possibility of us being vulnerable and get hacked. This edu-cation is to teach the users how to behave oline, what preventive measures to take regarding their safety and security. On the other hand, development of the IT sector in the recent years has opened doors to many engineering advancements. What are they? Read on to find out.
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