Technology In Education

About Us
For decades now, educational systems have been teaching kids the knowledge and building skills in them that are absolutely useless in a technologcal world that evolves faster than anything the mankind has known about before. So, we need to change as fast, and teach our children how they can stay on top of that ever-changing universe.

We are a group od dedicated young people and experienced innovation strategists, as well as socially oriented with a great impact in mind, who think that having young generations not capable to fit in is the greatest failure of any society. We are on a mission to change that (or at least influence a change) in a direction we believe is the one that will allow the kids to fulfill their potential in the fields that suit them most.

Our mission is to re-create the new educational systems from ground up with a single thought to unite the three pillars of any education: innovative technoloogy, new practices, and methodologies of the future based on current disoveries in kids' psychology.