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Written By Miroslav Konstantinovic 06/01/2018

For so long, and some education history books say more than a hundred years, the educational systems had been developed to accomodate the labor requirements of the time. And, it had been used ever since, with some minor adjustments in the last few decades, and even some more with the application of the new web-based teaching platforms. But today, it does not produce the results that the current labor market requires. And, will continue to fail in the future, unless we do something quickly to change it. We need new approach, new teaching methodologies and practices. Which ones?

The first teaching method ever used, and we have also seen this in various TV movies, even in those that portrait the period as far back as the Ancient Egypt and Greece, was when a teacher elaborated far and wide about a lesson, giving everything to the kids like "on a platter". This method is now known as "instruction-based teaching". It has its pros and cons. The biggest con is that it never challenges a student to explore on his/her own because it puts the educator in the center. Instead, they get a finished and complete knowledge. This type of teaching does not produce long-lasting insight into the matter, much less the know-how that is so obvious the kids need. However, there are abstract concepts, especially in the fundamental sciences (mathematics and natural sciences), that kids simply cannot still comprehend because their minds are not developed to that level yet. So, this instruction-based teaching may be the only methodological approach at certain times. It should not be the only one. It is not an innovative by any means, but should be here in the text.

There has been as well a lot of research and studies in the last few decades about the different approaches which lead to better material retention by the students. At least here, in former Yugoslavia, application of the knowledge was not something for anyone to concern with because we were all part of a human "hive". A collective. However, recent years have been pushing more on the uniqueness of an individual and the application of the know-how in solving the challenges and real-world problems in the future. A school grade, by itself, matters only as much to offer better chances for the students to enroll further in better schools. But, it does not make them better in solving real problems. To achieve this, we educators need the all new and different approaches and teaching methodologies. What are they?

Before we get deeper into this, one very important point. Since
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