Technology In Education

The main service that we are going to provide is the education for kids in middle and secondary schools on the principles and rules that shape our understanding of the world around us. These teachings are the fundamentals upon which we then build further our knowledge, hence the name fundamental sciences. And there are exactly four science fields that fall into this group, namely mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. The added feature that we shall provide is the state-of-the-art technology coupled with the teaching itself, and that is the virtual reality (VR) environment. Our goal here is to build those skills in kids that will empower them to solve really complex problems. You can read more about this here .

Another sort of education that we are going to provide is in some relation to the abovementioned. Namely, in basic engineering and advanced IT skills. The global trends show that this century will be about some major technological breakthroughs, and the world needs young people who are capable of creating new and innovative thinking about future designs. By employing the interdisciplinary approach to teaching in general, with these two types of education, we are going to come to full circle on STEM education in schools. More on this here .

We are also going to provide pre-sale service of educating people about this new VR technology and the approach we shall employ to teaching to help them make the best purchasing decision, as well as post-sale service of hardware maintenance and to answer all the questions they might ask.
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